8 tips to Smart Grocery Shopping while on a Budget

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8 tips to Smart Grocery Shopping while on a Budget
8 tips to Smart Grocery Shopping while on a Budget

Overall health is what we strive for and what we try to help our patients achieve. As your Mississauga Dentist we are always trying to find ways to encourage overall health so naturally, healthy eating is important to us. What we eat can affect our health, energy levels (although Sleep Apnea can affect this as well) and the way we feel about ourselves. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Food helps us celebrate with family and friends while nourishing our bodies. It gives us energy to get through each day. The right balance of food and activity helps to prevent disease and maintain a healthy body weight. In order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet shopping for the rights foods and planning on what to buy is important. Listed are some useful shopping tips for those who are on a budget but want to still get the most out of their budget.

Smart Shopping Tips with budget

Schedule shopping only once a week as extra trips may cause you to spend more money and when you shop try to do it when you have lots of time to look at prices, and when you are not hungry or tired. When we’re hungry we sometimes buy unnecessary food.

Before going to the grocery store, check if you anything on your shopping list is only sale either by using flyers or a phone app such as flipp. Buy the foods on your shopping list first. If you have money left over in your budget, use it to stock up on sale items that you can use later. Always check if items you normally buy are on sale that week.

Look for No Name and store brands. They cost less than brand names and often contain the same ingredients.

Buy only what you need and can use up. Food in large packages is sometimes a cheaper buy you will not save money if you end up throwing food away. Buying foods from bulk bin isles or bulk stores allows you to buy as much or as little as you need.

Look high and low. Grocery stores are designed to sometimes place the most expensive items at eye level to grab your attention, costing you more.

Check the reduced shelf/counter for some good buys.

Watch the prices you are charged at register. Sometimes mistakes are made. When this happens and you catch it, some stores will give you the item for free up to a certain amount if it is their error.

If the store runs out of a food on sale item, they can give you a “rain check” so you can still buy the item at the sale price when the item is stocked again.

***for parents with small children: Try to leave the kids at home. You may buy more extras if you take your children with you. Ask a friend to look after them. You can do the same for your friends when they go shopping.

We hope that these tips will help you maximize your grocery budget while still providing nutritious and healthy meals for you and your family. Your team at Credit River Dental Center cares about your health and will try to always provide you with information that can help you live a more balanced and healthy life!