Back to School – Learning and Smiling!

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Back to School – Learning and Smiling!
Back to School – Learning and Smiling!

With summer coming to an end, it can seem like it flew by faster than how long it took to get here. All the fun adventures outdoors, in the pool, at the beach or splashpad. It felt like every day there was something to keep our little ones occupied and happy. Here at Credit River Dental, we know the importance of spending summer days with our loved ones and keeping them entertained while school’s out. Whether that be at camp, a family vacation or even just little day trips, it can be a mountain full of fun for such tiny little people! With summer came a lot of cold treats to keep cool on those hot and humid days. Those delicious birthday cakes and wedding celebrations, or even those ooey gooey smores by the campfire that had us impatiently waiting for more. Summer is definitely one of the most delicious seasons!

It is important to note that a proper oral hygiene routine should be practiced all year round. This is a lesson that should be taught from day one! Here at Credit River Dental Centre, we pride ourselves as your top choice family dentist and encourage sharing proper oral habits with our little ones. What are some ways we can help our little ones keep their smiles extra clean and strong to be able to enjoy future summer goodies?

Brush at least twice a day! This can be the simplest way to keep your oral health in check. This keeps food and bacteria from being able to build up in our mouths that can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Brushing for at least two minutes each time can help get rid of plaque and keep our mouths not only clean, but smelling great! Two minutes can seem like a long time for a little one, so finding a song to sing maybe once or twice can be the perfect tactic to make sure they are brushing long and efficiently enough!

Be a floss boss! Flossing is like the Robin to Batman when it comes to oral hygiene. Flossing helps us get rid of food particles that can get wedged between our teeth that can irritate our teeth and gums. Making sure to floss effectively can be tricky for little ones so don’t be afraid to help them! There are also floss sticks or soft picks that can help you reach the back teeth to make sure you don’t miss any trapped food!

Use educational books and videos! Just like in school, kids are very impressionable. They seek to learn and use what they learn to carry out skills outside of the classroom. Some kids may respond better to simply seeing their parents brushing while some others do better by seeing characters and illustrations of brushing as a way to relate or make it fun.

Reward Great Dental Habits! Even though dental habits should always be practiced, teaching kids that it pays off to work hard at something can be a great way to encourage long term positive dental habits. This could be as simple as a gold star sticker or accumulating a number of gold stars from cavity free visits to daily oral hygiene routines for an even bigger reward!

It’s never too early for dental appointments! As your top choice family dentist, we encourage parents to bring in their little ones to the office! Even if they seem too small, it is a great way to introduce regular visits as a way to promote proper dental habits. Having them get used to being in the chair and us having a quick look or even just taking a few minutes to polish up their little teeth can make a huge difference in the long run!

As your top choice family dentist in Mississauga, your dental family here at Credit River Dental Centre wants to make sure that we take care of all our patients young and old. Starting a positive habit earlier and lead to a long-lasting habit that they will continue to follow and pass down to their own! Good dental habits take time and work but can become second nature once properly established. Call us today at 905-278-4297 to find out more ways on how to help your little ones stay on the bright path of optimal oral health!