Bright Ideas for A Brighter Smile!

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Bright Ideas for A Brighter Smile!
Bright Ideas for A Brighter Smile!

As your top choice Mississauga dental office, we here at Credit River Dental Centre know how a beautiful bright smile can change not only how you look but how you feel. With the many advances in the oral health industry, having a brighter smile is now easier than ever. There are different options that may work for you. It’s good to note that every patient is different and what may work for some, may not work for you. Here’s a few ways you can whiten your smile and brighten your day and those around you!

In Office Whitening – One of the fastest ways to get whiter teeth is doing an in-office whitening treatment. These can come in handy if you have that wedding to go to over the weekend or a photoshoot where you want your smile to steal the show! Here at Credit River Dental, we offer whitening services using SpaDent! A special whitening gel is applied to your teeth that is then activated using a red-blue LED light for an hour. Once activated, this gel bleaches discoloration in your tooth enamel. The specially formulated gel is made up of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The peroxide penetrates the surface of the tooth to bleach and remove stains while the oxygen that enters the enamel and dentin allow for a brighter smile! Your appointment consists of a total of two sessions and can whiten your smile by anywhere between two to eight shades. It’s great to note that the whitening gel is pH neutral so this can be more comfortable if you are susceptible to sensitivity. If you do experience sensitivity, you can use a desensitizing toothpaste a week before to help!

Home Whitening Kits – These are the boxes you can find at your local pharmacy or grocery store. They contain a certain number of strips that you apply daily for a certain number of days
to achieve a brighter smile. These strips are made of polyethylene, which is a thin, flexible plastic coated with a whitening agent and molds over your teeth. This gel also contains hydrogen peroxide to help whiten your teeth. It is good to know that different kits contain different levels of whitening gel. Here at Credit River Dental, we carry specially formulated whitening kits that contain higher whitening levels that can’t be found in store. This helps ensure a brighter smile that can’t always be achieved with over the counter whitening kits.

Cosmetic Dentistry – This type of treatment allows for the ultimate brighter smile! Sometimes whitening treatments don’t always work and cosmetic dentistry allows for you to make your smile just the way you want. Different types of cosmetic treatment can not only whiten your smile, but hide imperfections such as chips and even help with your bite. Cosmetic dentistry can include:


Veneers are an excellent solution to not only stained or discolored teeth, but for chips, alignment and size. This thin porcelain is customized to your liking and is permanently bonded to your tooth. They are extremely strong and are very natural looking as they allow for the reflection and passing of light. They can give you that hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of! You can learn more about veneers by clicking here to read more

Dental Bonding

Another great alternative to whitening is dental bonding. Dental bonding uses the same material used for fillings to create a strong, natural looking tooth that can hide imperfections like chips, stains and discoloration. This is a great alternative if you have a tooth or two that differ in colour than the rest. We make sure to match the colour of the filling material to the rest of your teeth so that your smile is unison in colour. You can learn more about dental bonding by  clicking here to read more

Both these options can not only help brighten your smile, but also fix any imperfections that you may want to address such as shape, chips or gaps. A solution that offers many fixes, now that’s a reason to smile even brighter!

If you’re looking for a brighter smile then make sure to consider these options. As your top choice dentist in Mississauga, we make sure to offer the best treatment office to brighten your smile the way you want! We make sure your teeth not only look healthy, but are healthy and provide the safest options for the smile you want! It is also important to note that whitening does not work on existing crowns or veneers. This can be a common misconception for patients so please keep that in mind! Here at Credit River Dental Centre, we make sure to help you choose a brighter path to optimal oral health. As your top choice dental office in Mississauga, we make sure you’re happy with your smile so we can be happy with you! Call us today at 905-278-4297 to book your brighter smile!