Make Sure your Kids have their Routine Dental Appointment before Back to School

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Make Sure your Kids have their Routine Dental Appointment before Back to School
Make Sure your Kids have their Routine Dental Appointment before Back to School

We often get caught up in preparing our children’s accessories such as their backpack, pencils, binders, lunchbags, etc.. But we sometimes forget some simple things to get done before school starts. Firstly, what’s the best accessory your children can wear on the first day of school when new people will be met and hopefully friendships will be formed? Their SMILE!

In preparation for the start of the school year it’s important to be ready for the year to come.  Aside from trying to figure out lunches, schedules for extra-curricular activities and school drop off and pick-up, it is also important to get a few things done before the madness of the start of school begins.

As a parent, preparedness is so important in order for things to run smoothly so why not get certain things done before school starts.

Number 1 – Did you get a chance to bring your child to see the dentist over the summer or maybe you’re wondering when the last time was that you brought them in.  Children should be seen at least every 6 months to ensure that good habits are instilled and also cavity is caught early on if present.  Since a child’s first set of teeth are not meant to last a lifetime, the rate at which a cavity grows is much faster than that in an adult.  Their enamel is much softer making their teeth more prone to large decay once a cavity has started to develop.  This is why regular check-ups and hygiene appointments are important.  So make sure you book your little one soon to ensure they start off the school year with a clean bill of oral health.

Number 2 – Along with that beautiful smile, it’s important to get that new do.  Bringing your child to the hairdresser right before school starts will give you the opportunity to wait until the hustle and bustle is over with before they have to go again.

Number 3 – Are you up to date with your child’s doctor’s appointments.  Keeping up to date with their paediatrician or medical doctor is important and so is maintaining the required vaccinations.  Your doctor can also inform you of any current medical concerns prior to the start of the year so that you will be informed if there are any outbreaks or medical issues in your vicinity.

Getting all of this out of the way before the start of the school year will ensure a smoother transition into the new school year and will hopefully give you are a parent some time to relax.