My Covid-19 Pandemic Realization

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My Covid-19 Pandemic Realization
My Covid-19 Pandemic Realization

2020 has proven to be the year of the unexpected. From months of lockdown to gradual phases ofreopening life, to new school learning models. No one expected to foresee what has become our “newnormal”, especially a single mother of a four-year-old.

I came into this year with such high excitement, likely more excited than my four year old who was goingto be starting school in September. Just like any new parent, starting a new chapter with school wasintimidating and scary, but I also couldn’t wait to see my little one embark on his new adventure. Whowould have thought that in March, this would take a drastic turn.

The Novel Coronavirus has definitely stopped not only myself, but everyone in their tracks when it madeits appearance. No one would have thought this virus would reach the extent that it has. It hasdefinitely been a trying time for most. From daily errands to being able to spend time with my little one at the trampoline park, to our weekly mommy and son Sunday night dates, everything was put to astandstill. A usual 30-minute minimum drive to the city turned to less than 15 min with nothing but thewind haunting the highways. Our city was on lockdown for months. It was filled with such uncertainty and for some, even depression. The lack of human interaction and social gatherings gloomed even thehappiest of people, including myself.

This was not how I envisioned starting a new year and more so for my little anxious toddler who waslearning so much and wanted to explore. He was at an age where we could do more things that he couldenjoy and that all got taken away. I did a lot of googling to look for ideas to keep him preoccupied. Wehad our daily paint sessions, our counting, and spelling practices, and even purchased a mini trampolinefor him. It was less than ideal, but it helped pass the time. This also led to feeling down and depressed. Not knowing how the next day would go and if we would ever get back to our sense of normalcy that we saw just a few months ago. I started to focus on my flaws and the more I did, the more I started to feel depressed. I was in a rut while the world was at a standstill. A feeling I’m sure many felt.

Coming out of the lockdown not too long ago was like a breath of fresh air. Although we weren’t out ofthe woods just yet, I felt a sense of relief. Going back to work, seeing my wonderful dental family atCredit River Dental, our amazing patients. It was a smile I really needed, even if it was under a mask.Then, I realized that though trying times happen, we should never look down on ourselves for not always feeling like we are on our A-game. No one was going to make me feel happy but me and that there is always good in the bad. The ying and yang which represents the balance and what our dental practice believes could easily be applied in life.

Although we are still currently in the midst of this pandemic, I learned to look at the silver lining. Thispandemic has taught me to appreciate the time we get to spend with our loved ones. It taught me thatthere are things in life that we cannot always control and that it’s ok to feel down sometimes but never defeated. It taught me that time is precious and with such a fast-paced world we live in, sometimes we need to slow it down and take a breather. Our world only moves as fast as we let it so stop and enjoy the view, not everyone gets to! I learned that a phone call goes a long way and through such trying times, checking in on loved ones, and having them check on you just to make sure you are okay is priceless. Just like my dental family at Credit River Dental, I believe that a journey to a happier smile should be accompanied by individuals who care for your long-term health and they have continued to show that. Give us a call to let us lead you to a happier smile!