My Invisalign Journey

By : D. Santos

Is straightening your teeth something you've always wanted to do but never got done because you "never have the time" or "didn't have enough money to do it right there and then", or were just simply on the fence about it? That was me when it came to straightening my two tilted front teeth!!!

I'd like to share my journey with you because I know that some have always wanted straighter teeth but never came around to doing it eventually deciding to settle with a smile you're not fully content with.  I hope my story inspires you to make a decision that will lead you to a more satisfied smile that can affect not only your level of confidence but also your ability to keep your teeth cleaner.

Growing up, I had always dreamed about having straighter teeth. My two front teeth were tilted inwards toward one another and it made me so self-conscious about smiling. I did have orthodontic work when I was 9 years old but it was mostly to adjust an under bite (when the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth). Having a severe under bite was the main concern that needed to be addressed at the time and second was to straighten out my teeth which unfortunately didn't happen. We all know life happens, and after my under bite was corrected my parents simply couldn't afford another full orthodontic treatment (as my sister was also doing full orthodontic treatment). So, that was the end of orthodontic treatment for me...I thought.

I survived high school and college with the teeth I have but was never truly content with my smile. I worked minimum wage jobs as a cashier with little benefits, and I always inquired at my dental visits how I can get straighter teeth...but with my minimum wage salary I still could not afford it. There was always something that pushed that one goal further and further away from me. Like buying a new car, or not wanting braces during my sister's wedding, or saving money to go on a trip with my friends.  There was always something. And there probably always will be because it isn't cheap but at the same time, it was well worth the investment. You can always buy that designer purse, have the latest cell phone, wear nice clothes, have nice shoes and not realize that it's Your Smile that's your best accessory!

As I finally found a career that suited me in the oral healthcare field naturally, I not only realized that having straighter teeth is aesthetically pleasing, but rather important for function. Also, having everything straight makes it much easier to  maintain your oral homecare which in return adds to the longevity of your teeth. That's when I knew I could not prolong this anymore. When I found out I wouldn't even need the traditional brackets and wires, I was ecstatic! I could do this without anyone really knowing while still enjoying the foods I love, and not having the hassle of learning a new brushing technique! I needed to have this treatment!!!  So I did it, I jumped right into it and I told myself I would make it work. Even if it means I couldn't eat out as often as I'd like or have to wait a month or two more to get my hair done. I was going to make it work and I did. It was the best money I have ever spent on myself.  Now, after just only 9 months of full Invisalign treatment I am finally 100% happy with my smile.