My Veneer Journey

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My Veneer Journey
My Veneer Journey

Almost a year after my Invisalign journey and I was ready for my next chapter, porcelain veneers! I was excited and nervous, but I had a lot of mixed emotions. The results from Invisalign alone were remarkable to me. I could hardly recognize my smile in the mirror. It was a leap in my self-confidence, something that rarely existed in me.

I’ve always seen those videos on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram of these social media influencers going to a foreign country to get their dental work done. They have their teeth shaved to fangs before a set of new veneers are put in. It was quite scary as I didn’t want my natural teeth to be shaved down like that so it was a relief to know my process would be much more preservative.

The first appointment was fairly simple. Dr. Lee fitted a tool called a facebow to measure both the aesthetic and functional components of my smile and also took impressions of my bite record. These measurements were sent to the lab and a few days later, we were ready to take impressions and he was able to mock up a temporary for me.

The temps were applied and shaped until they looked good. A true artist at work, Dr. Lee was able to mock up a temporary. He used a material to take impressions that were then shaped and molded to mimic the veneers. I cautiously picked up the mirror. The person smiling at me was a stranger. A stranger I was excited to meet. A smile I couldn’t recognise but that I loved so much. A smile that gave me confidence that was hiding beneath a surface of self-consciousness. A smile that was mine!

I was presented with different shade options to choose from. One that would brighten my smile but still look natural. After picking the shade I wanted, I anxiously waited for the final veneers. After about a week, the little yellow box arrived. It felt like a first date, the anticipation, excitement, and nervousness all mixed into one.

Dr. Lee started off by carefully removing the temporary veneers. I felt almost exposed and was a little frightened to see my natural teeth in the prepped state. To my surprise, they looked almost the same. Dr. Lee was able to preserve much of my natural teeth. Each porcelain veneer was carefully prepared one by one and placed on four of my anterior teeth.

He placed each veneer precisely and dare I say, comfortably. The entire process took about an hour and a half and then it was the moment of tooth (truth). I raised the mirror, smiled my biggest smile and was in complete shock. I thought the temporary veneers were beautiful, but they were nothing compared to the real ones. I am still in disbelief at how much four veneers could change an entire smile.

Although we are all on the same journey to optimal oral health, it is important to know that we all can take different paths to get us there. Cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers is a true staple in not only aesthetics but in self-confidence and motivation to better one’s oral health. At Credit River Dental, it is our firm belief that no two smiles are alike and we always strive to provide you treatment for the best smile for you. We don’t make smiles; we help keep you smiling!

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