Nightguards; The Knight of the Night

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Nightguards; The Knight of the Night
Nightguards; The Knight of the Night

I had finally completed my Invisalign journey, had my new veneers and have not stopped smiling confidently since then. A lot of my teeth before were chipped and jagged and I was worried about ruining my new teeth. I think in a sense I always knew I clenched or grinded my teeth, but I didn’t realize how often I was doing it.

Dr. Lee had suggested a nightguard to be worn at night to protect my teeth from the effects of clenching and grinding while I slept. I had never worn a nightguard in my life so I was a little worried and asked some questions.

What is a nightguard?

A nightguard is a specially made piece of plastic that is custom fitted for your mouth. It is usually made from a durable acrylic material that is hard but softens when placed in hot water to comfortably fit before you go to bed. It can be made for the top of your teeth or the bottom.

What does a night guard do?

It is worn at night and acts as a barrier to protect your teeth from injury from clenching or grinding as you sleep. It provides a gap between your teeth that protects them as well as your gums.

How often do you wear it?

A nightguard should be worn every night or if you can, when you nap. It protects your teeth from grinding and clenching that you are unable to stop while you’re asleep.

What’s the difference between a store bought nightguard and a nightguard made by my dentist?

A custom made nightguard will fit and feel a lot more comfortable than a generic bought nightguard from your local pharmacy. A nightguard at a dental office will first require impressions of your teeth so that the final guard can be molded from an exact replica of your teeth to ensure it fits just right.

What are the benefits of wearing a nightguard?

  • When you constantly clench or grind your teeth, you become susceptible to headaches, sore jaw or gums, and even chipped teeth. Since it is impossible to have yourself stop clenching or grinding while you’re sleeping, this can lead to a lot of discomfort when you wake up. A nightguard protects your mouth so that even if you clench or grind, it stops you from potentially damaging and hurting your mouth.
  • Because some patients may grind harder than others, the possibility of chipping is also higher. Paying for a nightguard at a fair fee one time every couple years would make sense over having a couple chipped teeth repaired which could get quite costly depending on the type of damage the tooth gets. It is also worth noting that most insurances may cover a portion or even the full cost of a nightguard
  • Nightguards can also help alleviate snoring in some patients. Although not to be mistaken or used as a sleep aid appliance, it can minimize snoring the same way a sleep aid appliance does.

When wearing a nightguard for the first time, it can be an adjustment. I still wear my vivera retainers to sleep as well which is the extended care after my Invisalign journey so having to wear that top retainer and a lower nightguard was definitely an adjustment period. But, after giving it about a week or so, I can now say it feels strange not wearing my nightguard when I go to sleep. I have also noticed my morning headaches have minimized which is a huge relief for myself since I suffer from chronic migraines already!

If you suspect you are grinding or clenching, don’t be afraid to ask about a nightguard and if it may help you! As your top choice dental office in Mississauga for nightguards, we want to make sure you get the quality sleep you deserve at night and protect that smile during the day! Give us a call today at 905-278-4297 to speak to us about a nightguard!