Prevention is worth a pound of cure: 5 Factors affecting your susceptibility to a Dental Emergency

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Prevention is worth a pound of cure: 5 Factors affecting your susceptibility to a Dental Emergency
Prevention is worth a pound of cure: 5 Factors affecting your susceptibility to a Dental Emergency

As your Mississauga Dentist we at Credit River Dental Centre strive to provide the best dental service we can to our surrounding community.  Not only do we provide dental services to our patients but we also aim to try our best to educate our community about what they can do to move forward in achieving optimal oral health and therefore optimal health.

Like the saying goes “Prevention is worth a pound of cure” and in dentistry this can certainly affect not only the discomfort you experience in your mouth but also the cost of dental treatment.  As your Port Credit dentist we treat our patients like family so preventative dentistry is something we emphasize with all of our patients.  So what can you do to ensure you minimize the chance of having a dental emergency?

First and foremost just like seeing your doctor yearly for a physical it is also important that you see your dentist and dental hygienist regularly.  The frequency of having your teeth cleaned is determined by the gum measurements taken, your medical status or the presence of any medical conditions, the anatomy of your teeth, your ability to clean your teeth at home and your dental habits.

Gum Measurements

Having gum measurements taken is certainly not the most comfortable procedure BUT did you know that the discomfort you may experience has a lot to do with how healthy your gums are?  If your gums are healthy you should not experience discomfort.  When the gums are inflamed and we use our measuring tool to see how inflamed they are this can certainly cause discomfort.  The measurements will identify any underlying issues with specific teeth.  They are a guide which will inform you as to which teeth are susceptible to issues down the road.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease will play an important role in the frequency of hygiene appointments.  When a medical condition affects the body’s ability to heal it is more so important to prevent gum disease or at least keep it stabilized.  When gum disease is present the body treats it like an infection and constantly has to attempt to heal it.  This becomes a concern when there is a presence of other medical conditions.

Anatomy of Your Teeth

The alignment, crowding, deep grooves, overlap can all affect the susceptibility of a tooth’s potential to have issues down the road.  Having the teeth in good alignment helps resolve this.  When teeth are misaligned there is more of a chance that a tooth or a number of teeth are taking more impact when you bite or chew your food.  These what we call “occlusal forces” can cause a tooth to be injured or break down to road. This is where orthodontics comes into place.  Not only is the result a beautiful smile but orthodontics yields optimal function as well.  Deep grooves also makes tooth more susceptible to cavity.  With proper hygiene and other preventive measures this can be significantly reduced.

Your Oral Home Care Regimen

Creating a good oral home care regimen is key to prevention.  Brushing twice a day and cleaning in between the teeth are important to ensure the mouth is rid of harmful bacteria.  This will reduce the likelihood that an infection can occur.

Your Dental Habits

Do you have any dental habits such as biting your nails or biting on an object?  Do you smoke?  Or have a tongue thrust?  Your dental habits can certainly affect your teeth and the surrounding tissues.  Biting your nails or objects such as a pen can cause chips in your teeth and make it uncomfortable for your tongue.  It can also lead to other tooth related issues.  Smoking can have detrimental effects on your teeth and your gums.  A tongue thrust can affect the position of your teeth, etc..  If you have any of these concerns your dental professional can provide you with information on helping you overcome these habits.

No one wants to visit the dentist for an emergency or experience a dental emergency so taking care of your teeth is essential to prevent an dental emergency from occurring.  Sometimes things happen but hopefully with doing what you can and keeping your oral health in check a dental emergency can be prevented.  If you have any questions or concerns about what we can do for your contact our Port Credit dental team at 905-278-4297.