Dental Crowns In Mississauga

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Dental Crowns

As your Mississauga dentist, we provide full comprehensive care which may require treating a tooth or multiple teeth with artificial crown(s). Dental crowns can restore both the function and beauty of damaged teeth. A crown, also called a cap, is a hollow, artificial tooth used to cover a damaged or decayed tooth. At Credit River Dental Centre, we provide custom-fit porcelain crowns in as little as two short appointments.

We work closely with our lab technicians to ensure that when crowns are required for cosmetic purposes, we select the color and shape that which will not only enhance your smile but also provide you with the most balanced bite possible.

Reasons why a crown(s) may be recommended to you include:

  • For a large damaged filling
  • For severely worn teeth
  • To improve the appearance of misshaped or mis-sized teeth
  • Cosmetically for severely discolored or heavily restored teeth
  • For Extensive dental decay
  • For a Cracked or broken tooth
  • Certain teeth that have been previously root canal treated



A crown will improve the appearance of your damaged tooth but more importantly, a crown will restore the natural function of your tooth. Your crown will allow you to bite down, chew, and speak naturally. In some cases teeth require a large filling, but there isn’t enough tooth remaining to keep the filling in place. A crown can strengthen the tooth and hold the filling protecting the tooth from further damage.

Not only are crowns required to provide strength and durability to a tooth but functionally mimic the lost tooth structure of the affected tooth as well as providing the appearance of the natural tooth that it’s replacing.

One question that we hear often is whether or not a root canal is required prior to having a crown placed on a tooth. In most cases a root canal is not required prior to placing a crown on a tooth and in fact there are many instances where the placing of a crown will actually prevent the need for a future root canal such as in the case of a tooth that has a slight crack possibly from tooth grinding.

It is important to note that there needs to be enough solid tooth structure for the crown to rest on in order for the crown to stay in place. There are instances where if there is insufficient tooth structure, Dr. Lee can build up the tooth so that a crown is still a restorative option.

From time to time however there is the unfortunate instance where after placing a crown the tooth still requires a root canal usually if the remaining tooth close to the nerve was weak or somehow bacteria had found its way into the nerve chamber.

Crowns are made from various types of materials and depending on which tooth needs a crown, Dr. Lee will suggest a material, or combination of materials, that is right for you.

Explore the Benefits of Dental Crowns in Mississauga

Your dental crowns in Mississauga can last many years when properly cared for. When you are considering your oral health although dental crowns may seem initially costly, in the long run, crowns turn out to be a great investment.

Suitable for a variety of dental concerns, the benefits of dental crowns in Mississauga are significant. Learn about these benefits as you explore your treatment options with Credit River Dental Centre.

  • With dental crowns in Mississauga, you can support and restore a tooth that has decayed.
  • A worn tooth can be protected from further damage.
  • Crowns are used to cap and protect teeth after root canal therapy.
  • racked teeth can be stabilized and protected with dental crowns in Mississauga.
  • A misshapen tooth can be cosmetically improved.

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Your smile is unique, and it can bring confidence to you in all aspects of your life. With dental crowns in Mississauga, you will gain cosmetic and functional benefits. Protecting existing teeth is a priority, even with extensive damage or decay. Choosing a procedure like root canal therapy with dental crowns in Mississauga can prevent the need for implantation today or in the future.

Dental crowns in Mississauga can be color-matched to your teeth and shaped to create a natural-looking smile. Porcelain crowns require almost no downtime and with just two short visits your designer smile will be ready.

Dental crowns in Mississauga have an exceptionally low failure rate, especially when you choose Dr. Lee and his talented team. Contact Credit River Dental Centre today to support the function of your mouth and preserve or improve your smile.

Crowns play an important role in dental health and in sustaining proper function and if you are in need of one, please contact our office  today at  (905) 278-4297.

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