When should you start bringing your infant to the dentist?

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When should you start bringing your infant to the dentist?
When should you start bringing your infant to the dentist?

Your bouncing baby has been sleeping and eating for months now: don’t forget the importance of of cleaning their mouths.

Many parents ask when they should bring their young children in to the dentist. The first answer is as soon as possible, we love the little ones. Bringing your child in at an early age will also help connect the visit with a positive environment and help to avoid future dentist anxiety.

We would like to see your children before their first birthday, and especially important within six months of their first tooth erupting. These first early stages are essential for early warning signs and preventing future problems. Once a child’s teeth have started to erupt, conditions such as early stages of gum disease, baby bottle tooth decay, and teething related problems can be detected and treated.

A baby’s gums and mouth can be cleaned using an infant toothbrush that slides onto your finger. Do not use toothpaste; water is fine for cleaning a baby’s mouth. Toothpaste can be added in a pea sized amount when your child is old enough to understand not to swallow the paste. Even then we advise to not use fluoride toothpaste until your child is around two years old.

Having your child comfortable with dental visits and treating potential conditions before they become problems will give you and your child reason to smile. 

Give our office a call to book your child’s first appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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