Health Canada has stated that the quality standards of tap and bottled water are "similar."

See this link regarding Why Canadians are---or aren't drinking bottled water (from the Globe & Mail).

In this article they state that "A federal agency regulates what is and isn't considered acceptable in public tap water, then gives the job of monitoring their flow to municipalities. In Toronto, water is tested every six hours to confirm the absence of harmful bacteria.  No government body is in charge of testing bottled water, which is classified as food and subject to the Food and Drugs Act. Processing plants are inspected annually by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and any additional testing is voluntary."

If you do choose to go the bottled water route, it is important to note that not all bottled water is equal as they vary on the pH scale which determines their level of acidity and alkalinity.  The ideal pH of water for human consumption is a pH of 7.0.  Tap water in Ontario ranges from a pH of 6.5 to 8.0.  See figure 1 below for the varying pHs of bottled water.  Photo credit: dataverse.

The Benefits of Fluoridated Water and why Tap Water is the Ideal Choice

There is often a stigma that tap water is 'bad' because it has an element called fluoride in it. In reality, it is actually better for you than most bottled water because the fluoride in it meets the recommended levels.

With all things considered, it's important to know that bottled water companies usually filter out almost all of the fluoride element.  Fluoride shouldn't be feared as it is a natural occurring element that is found in food, soil and water.  Dentally it has been proven to strengthen tooth enamel and decrease one's risk for cavities.  Ontario has a fluoridated water program, meaning that there is a regulated amount of fluoride in our city's water. The fluoridated water program is recognized by many organizations such as Centers for disease control and prevention, Health Canada and the American and Canadian dental associations. 

The fluoride concentration in our water supply is constantly monitored and measured.  Fluoride in concentrations of  0.7 ppm (parts per million) in tap water is considered ideal for human consumption in that it does not cause any adverse affects to anyone of any age. For any more information about the Fluoridated Water Program please visit Safe Drinking Water Foundation.

With this information we hope that you enjoy the warm days yet to come and appreciate the perks of our fluoridated water system without worrying about it being 'bad' for you while you keep yourself hydrated.  The benefits of tap water outweigh those of bottled water.  Know your options so you can make the best decision for you and your family!