Teeth Whitening Mississauga

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Teeth Whitening Mississauga
Teeth Whitening Mississauga

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities have picture perfect smiles in every photo? Have you looked up teeth whitening in Mississauga? Well look no further, here at Credit River Dental Centre, we offer teeth whitening in Mississauga! There are many offices that offer teeth whitening in Mississauga, but here at Credit River Dental Centre, we make sure to use only the best so that your teeth shine as bright as your smile! Even the cleanest of teeth can benefit from teeth whitening. Whether you’re in Port Credit or near the area, we can provide you with teeth whitening in Mississauga that is sure to be a bright show stopper!

How does teeth whitening work? Here at Credit River Dental Centre, we use Spa Dent. The appointment entails applying a specially formulated, sensitivity free whitening gel that is activated using a red-blue LED light for a total of 1 hour. It consists of two sessions total that can whiten your teeth between 2-8 shades whiter! Since the gel is pH neutral, it is a great option for those with sensitive teeth. The gel works by bleaching discolouration of your tooth enamel and is a quicker alternative to take home trays or strips so that you can have your brighter smile in the fraction of time it takes for home whitening kits!

So how exactly does the whitening occur? Spa Dent contains both Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. The red-blue LED lights help activate the peroxide to penetrate the surface of the tooth to bleach and break down stains. The oxygen that enters the enamel and dentin helps achieve that brighter smile!

One of the main concerns patients have when it comes to teeth whitening is the possibility of sensitivity. Why does sensitivity occur? Because of the breakdown of the stains using a whitening agent, a whitening session can leave the enamel temporarily porous because it removes minerals in the enamel.  This can then cause sensitivity to certain foods or temperatures. Although Spa Dent does contain ingredients to minimize if not completely avoid sensitivity, it is sometimes recommended to use a desensitizing toothpaste or gel approximately a week prior to your whitening appointment. This can help prevent post treatment sensitivity.

For post care instructions, it is advised that you refrain from drinking or eating at least 30 minutes after your session and try to avoid food or drinks that can cause staining such as red wine, coffee or smoking for at least 24-48 hours. Although you may need more than one appointment, rest assured you will notice a brighter smile! We recommend at least 2-4 sessions. This is to ensure you get optimal results. 

In office teeth whitening in Mississauga can offer a wide array of benefits not limited to just a shiny, pearly white smile. It can boost your confidence and keep you on track towards great oral health. It can keep stains at bay that regular brushing can’t always fix. You can get your desired results in a fraction of the time with in office teeth whitening compared to the traditional home whitening kits that can take several weeks! The cost of in office whitening is also a more cost effective option as you’re able to quickly get the results you want without having to purchase multiple kits throughout a longer period of time.

So if you’re looking for a brighter smile, then look no further. Spa Dent in office teeth whitening in Mississauga may be the option for you! When you need a quick whitening boost to your smile or to maintain those pearly whites, teeth whitening can be a great option! Call Credit River Dental Centre at 905-278-4297 to book your appointment today!