The Science Behind Optimal Oral Care

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The Science Behind Optimal Oral Care
The Science Behind Optimal Oral Care

At Credit River Dental Centre in Mississauga, we are always striving to better educate ourselves so we can provide our clients with the best care possible. Whether it is attending a course, dental seminars or conventions, reading up on dental journals or simply testing out new products, it ensures current up-to-date knowledge. This broadens our range for implementing the best option for each client’s oral health with optimal solutions.

This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with an Oral Science representative. Oral Science is a powerhouse manufacturer of dental innovations. The speakers/educators all come with dental background so they are aware of the most common dental concerns and strive to tackle those problems with new and lasting advancements.

There can be many dental concerns for each client, but the most common problems are cavities, xerostomia (dry mouth), gingivitis (gum disease) and tooth sensitivity. There are many products on the market related to these problems, but we wanted to make sure we were investigating all possible options to help us help you.

One item we learned about is a product called Gengigel.  This product is a gel that helps reduce gingival inflammation and bleeding. It can be used after many treatments such as a hygiene appointment, tooth extractions, mouth sores, ulcers and many more. You simply need to apply and massage the gel on the specific areas and not eat drink or rinse for 30 minutes.

Another product we learned about and tested for ourselves is the Plaque HD toothpaste. This is an all natural toothpaste with a fresh minty taste that is proven to prevent cavities by showing you exactly which areas you should be focusing on. There is a plant based component that stains present plaque on your teeth a greenish-blue colour. With a clear visual of the problem areas you can easily tackle and brush away all the plaque ensuring that everything is gone.

Lastly, we were presented with another toothpaste called X-PUR Remin. Unlike Plaque HD toothpaste, X-PUR Remin can tackle more problems than just cavity prevention. It also helps with xerostomia (dry mouth), periodontitis (bone loss disease) and even whitens! X-PUR Remin is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent) and is all natural, GMO, gluten and sugar free.

At our Mississauga dental office, the notion “you never stop learning” is a true thing. We love gaining more knowledge whether it is about our hobbies, work and anything in-between. We would love to share our knowledge with you! We have samples of these products in our office so do not hesitate to call and ask us about all these amazing products.

As your Mississauga dentist, you oral health is our top priority and in order to ensure we provide you with the best options for maintaining your smile, keeping current is definitely important.