Tooth Jewellery…the Newest Trend

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Tooth Jewellery…the Newest Trend
Tooth Jewellery…the Newest Trend

You can pretty much find bling on just about anything these days from jewelled cell phone cases to jewelled nails to live jewelled insects.  Adding a little bling to give you that extra sparkle has always been a top accessory and now you can even add a little bling to your teeth!!!  Why you ask, well they are very low maintenance, don’t require you to put them on daily, and can last a very long time if taken care of properly.

With various companies that offer tooth jewellery (also spelt as tooth Jewellery or tooth Jewelry) and with various you tube videos saying you can do it yourself, it has become a topic of confusion in deciding where to get tooth jewels or tooth gems and how or who to pick to place it on your teeth for you.

Selecting Your Tooth Jewel

In our research, we have come across some concerns regarding the type of tooth jewels being sold or where they are being obtained.  There are only a few select distributors who guarantee that their tooth jewellery doesn’t contain lead and that their metal jewels are truly gold or white gold so it is important to either do your research if you plan on purchasing a jewel yourself or select a professional that can confirm that the jewel being placed on your tooth is safe for dental purposes.

Once you’ve decided which tooth jewel or gem option would be best for you, picking the right professional to place them on is just as important.

Just like cementing an orthodontic bracket, your dental professional is trained to ensure that certain precautions are taken when bonding the tooth jewel to your tooth’s surface.

The Bonding Process

In order for tooth jewel to bond properly to the tooth’s surface, a chemical bond must occur and in order for this to occur, the tooth surface has to be completely dry then roughened up.

To roughen the tooth surface, an etchant is used which is left on the tooth for about 30 seconds.  It is then washed away and a primer and bonding agent is then applied and cured using a curing light.  Proper eye protection must be worn as this light can cause damage to the eyes.  An adhesive is then used to bond the tooth jewel or gem to your teeth which is then cured again using the curing light.  When done properly, no damage to the tooth should occur.

At Credit River Dental, as we do everyday, all instruments are processed through a sterilizer ensuring no cross-contamination takes place and all one time use items are disposed of. It is important to remember that we are dealing with the oral cavity so proper precautions to prevent cross-contamination between not only the professional and the client but also between clients must be taken to ensure there is no transmission of disease.

Tooth Jewellery is definitely a fun and low maintenance way to…

Accessorize Your Best Accessory.

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