Wearing White to a Wedding – A Whiter Smile That Is!

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Wearing White to a Wedding – A Whiter Smile That Is!
Wearing White to a Wedding – A Whiter Smile That Is!

With the upcoming nuptials of my younger brother and his fiancé, I’ve been preparing myself to make sure I’m picture-ready! What is one of the biggest things people prep for in photos? Their smile! I’ve never been keen on showing my teeth when I smile, but after some Invisalign and cosmetic treatment, I’ve felt more confident in showing them! So, what may you ask goes alongside a great smile? A whiter and brighter smile! Credit River Dental Centre has always been my top choice dentist in Mississauga, so it was no question that whitening treatment was my option. The only question was, which route do I take, in office treatment or home kit?

In Office Spadent Treatment

Spadent is a type of whitening treatment that is done in the office with a special light and light-activated gel that is usually done in an hour. It works by using hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to bleach discoloration in your teeth. Peroxide enters the tooth surface to bleach the tooth and the oxygen enters the dentin and enamel to brighten your teeth! A two-in-one session is done at the office and can get to anywhere between two to eight shades brighter! Of course, results may vary. This is especially convenient for those last minute get-togethers or photo ops! Sometimes in office whitening can cause sensitivity, so it is advised to use some sensitivity-control toothpaste a week prior. It is also good to know that in office treatments tend to have higher levels of hydrogen peroxide to produce white smiles in a shorter period of time!

Take Home Whitening Strips

I’ve always been a little intimidated with home strip kits as I had never really used them in the past. After doing some research, home whitening strips can be an effective way to brighten your smile in a steadier timeframe. They are specially formulated flex strips that adhere to the teeth for a set amount of time. The whitening agent in the strip also contains hydrogen peroxide to help the whitening power! Many retail or grocery stores carry a wide range of brands and levels of whitening, so it’s good to research which one may be right for you! Depending on which kit you opt for, you’ll have to use the strips anywhere between once a day to two times a day. Take-home whitening strips can also be a money saver as most kits are fairly inexpensive. There are also kits based on levels of hydrogen peroxide so, some kits may work better than others. It is also good to know that strips may also cause some sensitivity., so sensitivity control toothpaste a week prior may help ease some discomfort while using the whitening strips.

Depending on what your whitening needs are, either option can work for you! It is also important to note that whitening treatments, whether in office or at-home strips, are effective only on natural teeth. This means that dental treatments such as crowns, veneers, dental implants or bonding will take no effect in whitening. This can be useful to know so that you don’t surprise yourself with different shades of brightness after either type of treatment.

As I have only a few weeks left before the big day, I may choose to use the at-home kits as this provides long-term results! Even though in-office treatment can offer fast results, I want to be able to have a brighter smile for longer! This is not to say in-office treatments are bad! It can be an effective way to brighten your smile for an impromptu date, social event or photo op! It’s also the one thing white I can wear to a wedding, besides the bride in white!

Credit River Dental Centre is my top choice dentist in Mississauga and I know I can rely on it for all my whitening needs. Although there seem to be a lot of trends and fads nowadays that promise to promote whiter teeth, it is important to do your research first to make sure they don’t damage your teeth and what the long-term effects can be. Don’t be afraid to ask or seek what ingredients they contain. You can also ask the office for any insight before starting any type of whitening treatment at home. A whiter smile should also be a healthy smile! It is also important to know that regular hygiene appointments and checkups are the most effective way to keep your smile as clean and healthy as possible. Quick fixes don’t help your teeth in the long run. To find out more information on teeth whitening make sure to click here. or give us a call at 905-278-4297.