Adjunctive Therapy to your Regular Hygiene Appointment

By : A.C.

Are you one of those patients who sees their hygienist regularly every 3 or 4 months?  Do you have an immaculate dental homecare routine and follow each and every recommendation made to you by your dentist and dental hygienist BUT still have issues with inflammation and bleeding?  If this is you, you may benefit from Professional Oral Irrigation.

Oral or pocket irrigation is a procedure that is done on patients that have deep periodontal pockets of 5 mm or more.  A patient’s gum pocket is determined when periodontal charting is done.  This is generally performed during a professional dental cleaning or during a comprehensive oral examination. The dentist and/or your hygienist will also check for any gum inflammation as well as bleeding.  If bleeding and inflammation are present, this is a sign of gum disease.

When the term "irrigation" is done, your dental hygienist places an antimicrobial agent such as Chlorhexidine into the diseased pocket.  This results in flushing out of the bacteria, particles and toxins from below the gum line.  Chlorhexinde is used to help reduce infections as well as control plaque and periodontal spaces between your gums and teeth.

With a combination of daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care, the chances of keeping your natural teeth increases while the chances of serious health problems that are associated with periodontal disease decrease.

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