Your Top Choice Family Dentistry in Mississauga

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Your Top Choice Family Dentistry in Mississauga
Your Top Choice Family Dentistry in Mississauga

As your top choice family dentist in Mississauga, we know how important it is to manage not only your oral health, but your family’s oral health too. Here at Credit River Dental Centre, we pride ourselves in providing quality family dentistry in Mississauga. We believe a healthy oral journey starts early so that it leads to optimal oral health down the road. Family dentistry in Mississauga should not only provide dental care, but provide essential guidance, understanding, comfort and care! We want to help bring the brightest and healthiest smiles to your family in the same way you bring smiles to us by being a part of our dental family! As your top choice family dentist in Mississauga, rest assured that you are treated like family!

As parents ourselves we know how bringing in our little ones can be a cause of anxiety, nervousness, and fear, especially for first time dental visits. Luckily, we have a little help from our friend Murphy the monkey who has the most exceptional smile in all the jungles! He lets us count all his teeth and even helps show how to brush so that your little one can have the same pearly whites and enjoy their visit! Each operatory is also equipped with a television so that your child can enjoy a show or two while in the chair! At the end of the visit, your child gets to show their pirate skills and dig for a treasure in our treasure box!

Providing a comfortable environment and leaving a good impression on your little one, while also being able to provide quality dental care is our goal here at Credit River Dental Centre. As parents, we want to make sure any dental issues are addressed early so that proper treatment can be provided effectively. Whether it’s ensuring healthy gums and proper brushing techniques or restoring a tooth with a cavity or perhaps placing a protective sealant; we will make sure your little one receives the treatment they require to establish good habits and maintain optimal oral health.

As your Mississauga family dentist, we can’t forget other family members.  Aside from routine hygiene appointments, we provide a variety of services to help with your family’s needs!  Think you might have a cavity? We’ll get to the bottom of it! Sometimes cavities happen and here at Credit River Dental, we use high grade dental materials to ensure we restore your tooth safely and as anatomically functional as possible.

Looking for dental crowns in Mississauga? We have you covered!  As a provider of dental crowns in Mississauga we know how important it is to have work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide you with quality, long lasting functionality.  Sometimes even though a tooth has been damaged or decayed beyond having just a filling placed, a crown is a viable option. It is a great way to save a tooth and prevent further decay and allow for a natural looking yet effective solution.

When a tooth is beyond repair and has a poor prognosis sometimes an extraction is required.  Although this is always the last option, sometimes it’s the only option and the healthiest. When this is required we try to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Dr.Lee provides a local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort during the procedure so you can go in confident!

Fancy an extra white smile for that upcoming event? We’ll make you shine! We provide teeth whitening in Mississauga using Spa Dent treatment! One visit entails 2 sessions that can whiten your teeth up to two to eight shades!

Have a few teeth out of line?  We’ll straighten them out!  We are an Invisalign Mississauga provider and can help see if you’re the right candidate for Invisalign! It is a great non-invasive alternative to braces that can give you the smile you’ve always wanted!

Having some pain or discomfort that isn’t visible?  We’ll see right through it and get to the root cause! We use high quality equipment so that we can see what the underlying issue may be.  Sometimes xrays are needed but rest assured, you’ll be exposed to less radiation than a banana!

Have a missing tooth you’d like to fill? We’ll bridge the way! We offer a variety of different solutions including bridges or implants to make sure you feel your smile is complete! We are not only family dentistry in Mississauga, but we are also cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga!

As your top choice family dentistry in Mississauga, we provide not only the preventive and routine services that everyone needs, but the quality everyone deserves.  Creativity has no limit and we believe dentistry is a form of creativity that starts with you. As a family dentistry in Mississauga, we believe in providing this creative mindset along with the best preventive care to keep you on the optimal oral care road.  Family dentistry is about providing care for your family. Call us at 905-278-4297 to join our dental family today!