5 Tips in Choosing the Best Dentist

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5 Tips in Choosing the Best Dentist
5 Tips in Choosing the Best Dentist

As your Mississauga Dentist our Credit River Dental Centre team has come up with 5 tips to help you decide on how to select the dentist that is best for you. With the numerous choices out there and various personalities what may work for one person may certainly not work for someone else. So we have come up with a few questions you may want to consider when selecting the right dental professional to suit your needs.

Tip #1 – Treatment Provision

Even though there are many dentists to choose from they may not all provide the same types of treatments. Some dentists specialize in varying techniques and while most offices are able to provide basic dental services such as restorative (fillings) and cleanings (hygiene therapy) not all may be comfortable doing roots canals, cosmetic services, etc. If you’re planning on some major cosmetic treatment in the future it might be important to choose a dentist who has the skills to provide this type of treatment for you. Just as you would look at a product online and see if its specifications and details about the product suit your needs why would you not do this as well when you’re seeking a specific service regarding your health. Just like a product checking reviews to see if their types of services suit your needs is important in finding the right fit.

Tip #2 – Type of Environment

Just like when you choose a home to live in the environment a dental office provides can affect your mood and how you feel while you are undergoing treatment. Do you want be in an office where it feels like family where staff members know you? Or do you prefer an office that’s quick where you’re in and out? Do you prefer an office with a cozy feel or perhaps one that has more of a spa-like feel to it? Or perhaps you prefer an office that feels more like a typical medical office. As much as we may not think this may matter it certainly may impact how you feel during your treatment so it is something to consider.

Tip #3 – Payment of Services

Offices have different policies when it comes to how treatment is paid. Some do direct to insurance billing with payment of co-payment at the time of service while others prefer upfront payment where anything covered by insurance is paid to the policy holder. Some offices have a combination of policies depending on the type of treatment being rendered. It is important to know what is expected of you once treatment has been has been completed as the responsibility of payment is yours. A financial plan may be required based on the type(s) of services you are seeking. This should certainly be discussed as they may impact your decision when selecting you dental office.

Tip #4 – Availability

Not all dental offices have the same working hours and not all will cater to emergencies the same way. It’s certainly important to find an office where the time they work aligns with when you can come in for your appointments. It may not seem important at the time but what is the office’s policy in the event of an emergency? Are they readily available to help or are they only available during business hours? Do they have an alternate office to help with their clientele if they are on vacation or unavailable? Is the dentist available for support outside of working hours especially when you are experiencing discomfort? This may not seem important but it is important to know because dental emergencies can cause severe discomfort at times and having an office that is available to help can make all the difference.

Tip #5 – Location and Accessibility

Who doesn’t want an office that in is the most convenient location? Although location may not necessarily matter it is important to note whether or not some needs you may have regarding the office’s physical location align with yours. Do you need a place to park your car and is it paid parking or complimentary? Do you need a place that is relatively close to public transit? If the office is located on the second floor is there an elevator? Physical location and accessibility can impact getting to the office so this is something to definitely consider.

Who doesn’t want to choose the best dentist? And although the best dentist is one that will provide you with the best types of treatment possible for your specific needs these tips can impact your decision. What makes a dentist the best dentist is one that checks off all the boxes and is the right fit for you. As your Mississauga dental office we at Credit River Dental Centre can answer questions you may have to ensure you make the best choice possible for you and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-278-4297. We will feel honored to guide you during the selection process!